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Eternal secret is simple, understated, to retain the essence of part of Chanel quote of the ladies classic chanel buy. On January 10, 1971, Chanel Li I died in a hotel room in Paris. Chanel created the greatest fashion Empire, and pursue the life they want, which is in itself a feminist is best, and most understand the feelings of fun in a new era of female. Is such a remarkable person, lived here for more than 30 years, can't help but ask, what can make Ritz Hotel in Paris? It was a Sunday. As usual, she came back from La Place Vendome in Paris walking, limping slowly into the north side of the square of a baroque palace-style building. The door, attentive Concierge has to wait aside, greeting: "Miss Chanel, how are you today? "Face to become familiar with Egypt fragrant, thick but soft enough to slip into the toes of Victoria carpets and around the Grand flower scents are not put at ease by her.